DMC Global Enterprises

DMC Global Enterprises

Premier Tiny and Small Home Builders

About our homes

Our homes, are sized from 800 SF.  up to 1,200 SF. Any size home we build can be furnished with running water and electricity as long as your local zoning ordinances permit. We can build you a 800 square foot home with a bedroom/living room, toilet, sink and shower and a kitchenette with small refrigerator, microwave oven and sink. Again, as long as all local zoning laws are followed.

  We offer the latest energy saving technology, such as, but not limited to, heat pumps for heating and cooling or on demand hot water systems.  Solar panels are optional but we recommend them to help you be more "green". Space saving ideas are incorporated into our floor plans but other items can be used to increase space. Items such as murphy beds or couches that become beds. Even couches that become bunk beds! These items then allow open areas to have multiple uses. 

When all is said and done all effort will be made to give you a home you will love forever.