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We oversee all of our building construction and remodeling Personally. We  make sure everything is right and the way you expect it to be the first time.

Our Mission & Vision Statement


To provide alternatives to traditional large houses while maintaining below-industry average building prices.


To become the “go-to” tiny and small home builder by offering the homes general contractors avoid! Thus opening up home owning opportunities to those who may otherwise be denied. 

Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, Family and Country

Why choose  DMC GLOBAL ENTERPRIZES to build your Tiny or Small home?

1. We build  two and three bedroom homes for less than the cost of a traditional house! This, of course, means a smaller monthly mortgage payment. A mortgage payment significantly  small than rent in many cases.

2. Latest energy saving technology employed in all of our construction. This, along with a decrease in size , reduce's heating and cooling costs.

3. With one of our Tiny or Small homes taxes, insurance and maintenance costs are all reduced! Additionally, with a brand new DMC GLOBAL ENTERPRIZES home, you will spend less time (if any) on maintenance.  Think of all the time this will give you to do other things, the funnier things!

4. So many people today have near and dear relatives that are no longer teenagers. Many would like to have those relatives living closer. A new DMC GLOBAL ENTERPRIZES Tiny or Small in-law apartment in the back yard might fit the bill perfectly.

 5. Do you love to entertain? Maybe you have a large family but it is hard to get room for everone to spend the night at once. Wouldn't an overnight guest house in the back yard be perfect?

6. Not an entertainer or into big families but you like to make money? A back yard two of three bedroom rental unit can help with that.

7. Think (with your help) of the independence your children will gain with a fully functional club house. 

8. Looking for a quiet place for a weekly card game? Need a place to grow plants year round? A quiet place to follow your hobbies or passions? A man cave or a she shed from DMC GLOBAL ENTERPRIZES  is just what the doctor ordered.

9. DMC GLOBAL ENTERPRIZES will make you our number one focus while working on your vision. We are a full service builder. We can build your new home and cover all construction needs associated with that, from the first shovel full till the last flower is planted.

Smaller homes are MORE affordable to heat and cool, less expensive to purchase, easier to maintain, and can be built even in a backyard?​