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                   The Results Speak for Themselves

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

The following are a few pictures of some of the homes we built,  some of those homes were bigger than what we do today but some floor plans can be customized. 


Mom and Dad getting older? Are you starting to worry about them? Have they fallen? are they taking their medications? are they eating properly? Get them out of that BIG old house there wandering around in and have them move into your back-yard In-Law suite. The benefits can be numerous; more quality grandparent/grandchild time, being a stone’s throw away helps you keep a watchful eye, reduces the cost of living for Mom and Dad and remove's the worry about having to put them in an old folks home and the associated cost. 


Have you ever run into the problem of not having enough room when you have overnight guests? We can solve your problem by building a guest house in your backyard, then you will have enough room for all. Also, when not being used as a guest house it can become your personal get away. Would you like to make some extra money, how about a back-yard bed & Breakfast? Or a rental suite. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.

Who can't use a little RNR

From time to time we all feel the weight of the daily grind. Or maybe the stress of living and making a living in today’s world(which seems to change daily). Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to escape just by walking out your back door! To be able to go to a place where you can let your guard down for a little while. A place to “hang” with friends without disturbing the whole house. A fully functional and livable small home gives you that opportunity.

                                        Here is one of many layouts we offer for our Tiny and Small home communities.