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We were established in October 1974 in the Northeast under the name DMC Construction and Locksmith company.  During that time we built primarily small homes but some larger ones also.  After relocating to Pennsylvania we became an LLC and partnership under the name DMC Global Enterprises LLC. We now specialize in the construction of  tiny and small homes most contractors avoid. We use only environment-friendly components and the latest home building technology to build all our homes. 

Our real dream is to build communities of TINY and SMALL homes. The first to be a community of veterans. This will improve their chances of obtaining a mortgage. Other communities to follow are for our elderly.  This, of course, is in our long term goals.

 DMC Global Enterprises LLC is the premier TINY and SMALL home construction company throughout the United States.


Donald C. McNamara, President  

Donald has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. The first six years of his working life were spent on the Auxiliary police in his hometown. While on the police department Donald started his own business under the name DMC Construction and locksmith company. After leaving the police force Don spent the next 20 years as Manager of Security Operations for a major bank in New Jersey,  with over 12 billion dollars in assets. During this time Don continued his  construction company and built Tiny and Small homes throughout New Jersey before relocating to Pennsylvania. He then spent 14 years working in the Department of Corrections for the state of Pennsylvania before being disabled on the job. Don has over 20 years’ experience in building and supervising the construction of Tiny and Small homes.  

Daryl W. Cobb, Vice President  

Daryl has an associate degree with distinction from New York State Regents College. He worked in management in the food industry for over 20 years. During those years, he had the opportunity to attend many seminars and short courses related to managing people, budgets, and processes. Additionally, he spent 10 years as an over-the-road truck driver before being sidelined by heart attacks. This forced retirement on him but did not curb his enthusiasm for life, if any thing it enhanced it. Additionally the freedom of having the perfect home life offers him the opportunity to help others achieve the home of their dreams.